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What Cause Mold to Grow in Houses and Homes

6/22/2018 (Permalink)

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What Mold Needs to Grow

Mold needs these conditions before it can begin to grow in a home:

  • Mold Spores
  • A food source (eg wood, drywall, cotton)
  • Darkness (mold can't grow under ultraviolet light)
  • Warmth (mold can't grow in freezing temperatures)
  • Oxygen
  • Moisture (eg water leaks, humidity)
  • Enough time (most molds can being to grow in 72 hours if the conditions are right)

Moisture is really the key cause of mold growth since the other conditions on the list are always going to be present in homes.

So, essentially, the difference between whether mold grows in your home or not comes down to whether you have a moisture problem.

Causes of Mold In Homes


If the weather's been very humid for a few days in a row you might notice mold starting to grow in your home.  When it rains for several days it's especially common to see mold start to grow on walls, benches and other surfaces because of the wet air.

Humidifiers are always good to have in home with high humidity.  But, there are molds that only need the humidity level to be higher than 55% to start growing.  So, be sure to set your humidifier below 55%.

 Leaking Pipes

Water leaks from pipes are a common cause of mold growth.  The worst leaks are the ones that go undetected because they are hidden out of view, like inside a wall cavity.  By the time you discover these leaks mold has usually started to grow already.

Leaks in Roof

Check your attic regularly for leaks and keep an eye on the ceiling below.  If you notice any signs of water damage on the ceiling or any mold that has grown, then you probably have a leaking roof.


Cold surfaces can create condensation in your home.  Places where condensations collects are prime spot for mold growth.

Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation mean wet surfaces dry out more slowly.  Ventilation is especially important in rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen where there is a lot of steam.


Some dangerous toxic molds require more extreme conditions than common molds do, such as stachybotrys chartarum which requires material to be very wet for several days to grow.  A flood can create these conditions putting your home more at risk of being infested with dangerous toxic molds.

This is why it is important to call SERVPRO of Clifton 973-928-3705, to begin the drying process as quickly as possible.

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